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Thursday, November 15, 2012  
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Orlando REALTOR® | November/December 2012

Cultivating your warm, trustworthy persona is as easy as pinning a picture

By Anna Korosteleva

 By now, you’ve probably heard about Pinterest, a social media site that functions essentially as a bulletin board. Users "pin” images and links to anything they like, both as a way of keeping track for themselves and to share with others. (If you haven’t already discovered Pinterest — be warned — it’s addictive!)

Pinterest is highly personal in nature, which makes it an ideal avenue for marketing yourself as a real estate professional. It’s perfect for cultivating that sense of honesty and trustworthiness, i.e., personal connection, that potential buyers and sellers overwhelmingly use to select an agent (Exhibit 4-15, 2011 Profile of Orlando Homebuyers and Sellers).

Just as other social networks have their niches, so does Pinterest. And Pinterest is all about the visuals, so be sure to create, pin, and share items with great graphics, photographs, banners, etc.


The new phenomenon of infographics is an excellent way to provide both relevant information and catchy visuals. Infographics essentially organize data in a visual manner, and plenty of real estate related companies have already started creating libraries of them. Just search out those that your audience would be interested in, and re-pin away (don’t feel guilty, it’s encouraged).

Written Content

Real estate tends to produce tons of articles with statistics about the housing market that are crucial to homebuyers and sellers, but dry nevertheless. With Pinterest, you can attract attention and liven up any article just by adding a photo or graphic to the link.


Did you know that you can upload videos on Pinterest? You can! Pinterest is a great place to provide videos of listings, local stat reports, etc. If you have a webinar you want to share publically, pin that as well. It doesn’t all have to be pictures.

There are many ideas and considerations to keep in mind when it comes to marketing through Pinterest. Many best practices from other social platforms still hold true, such as linking back to your site, keeping search engine optimization in mind as you add descriptions, and creating engaging content (provide two informational posts for every one promotional post). Use Pinterest not only as a platform to promote yourself and your services, but as a place to share fun content and as a channel to communicate with potential customers.

Anna Korosteleva is a marketing analyst with Quaero (, which is a customer engagement agency.

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