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Supra launches "end-of-showing" notifications

Tuesday, October 30, 2018  
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Seller’s agents can now receive real-time end-of-showing notifications in addition to notifications when showings start.

The new alerts are sent from Supra as e-mail or text messages to those who utilize the eKEY app, and additional individuals (broker, homeowner) can be cc’ed as well.

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FAQs and Instructions

(Download and print a PDF)

How does the end-of-showing notification work?

Whenever a keybox is opened, the eKEY app attempts to obtain a GPS location. Once the GPS location is obtained, a geo-fence around the property is established. The Supra system detects the showing has ended when one of the following events occurs:

1. The key leaves the geo-fence area after a showing
2. The key opens another keybox
3. Another key opens the keybox
4. The showing agent indicates that the showing ende

If none of these events occur within 60 minutes of opening a keybox, the showing times out and the system sends a message that the showing ended due to a system timeout.

How do I send e-mail showing notifications for all of my keyboxes?

If you already receive showing notifications, you will automatically receive the new end of showing notifications as well. To set up or change showing notifications for all of your keyboxes:

1. Go to and select Agents - Log on to SupraWEB.
2. Enter your user ID and password and select Login.
3. From the SupraWEB home page select SETTINGS.
4. Select General Email.
5. Enter your email address.
6. Check each type of notification you want to receive and enter the additional email addresses for anyone you would also like the showing notifications sent to (broker, assistant, etc.).
7. Click Save.

How do I send showing notifications to homeowners for a single keybox?

You can set up the system so the homeowner automatically receives notifications for only that keybox:

1. Go to and select Agents - Log on to SupraWEB.
2. Enter your user ID and password and select Login.
3. From the SupraWEB home page select LISTINGS.
4. Select Keyboxes.
5. Click the Listing Details icon for the keybox.
6. Check the Showing Notifications checkbox and add the email addresses of those you wish to receive the showing notifications. For text messages, enter the recipient’s cell number following the convention shown on the screen.
7. Click Save.

How do I send text notifications?

To send a text showing notification, follow the instructions above to set up showing notifications and address the email to the recipient’s 10-digit wireless phone number using the following format:

1. Verizon:
2. AT&T:
3. Sprint:
4. T-Mobile:
5. US Cellular:
6. Rogers:

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