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Orlando REALTORS® Put A Value On ORRA Events

Tuesday, February 28, 2017  
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Orlando REALTOR® | MarchApril 2017

What value do you get out of ORRA membership events?

Orlando REALTOR® magazine readers share the benefits of participating in ORRA's many functions

Attending ORRA events gives me the opportunity to interact with REALTORS® of different specialties. When a client asks a question beyond the scope of my specialty there is nothing more rewarding than being able to respond that I have a resource that can help.
-Kathy Pasha, Warner Quinlan, Inc.

ORRA functions provide the three keys to real estate: networking, education, and fellowship.
-Tom Carr, Smart Solutions Realty, LLC

ORRA events are an opportunity for me to engage with my fellow REALTORS® and affiliate members without a contract between us. Only REALTORS® and affiliates understand the trials and tribulations of our daily life — seriously, we can't make some of this stuff up! It's a time when we can laugh about our experiences and learn to become better REALTORS®.
-Alicia Spears, Alicia Spears Realty

ORRA’s membership functions, in my opinion, help us to sharpen our professionalism. Networking with each other at the different events allows us to become familiar with people that we could potentially do business with, and the educational component helps us all be more comfortable in our business dealings.
-David Martinez, Elite Realty Agency

I have just joined ORRA and recently attended my first event. I am looking forward to building relationships with REALTORS®, lenders and other affiliates, and those influential people in the community who can help grow my business as I in turn help people get into their perfect home.
-Jackie Robbins, Harbor Community Bank

I love it when I get the chance to attend an ORRA event. It is a great opportunity to network as well as to catch up with friends and fellow agents. It’s a great way to get a break from your routine while you learn new techniques, procedures, and practices that refresh and grow your business.
-Zoraya Colon, Elite Realty Agency, LLC

We are in a relationship business, and it is vital to engage in relationships with other REALTORS®. ORRA’s events provide a forum for relationship-building! This is also a business where you never want to burn a bridge, as agents frequently relocate and you never know where your next referral will come from.
-Paul Fedynich, Premier Sotheby's International Realty

“People want to do business with people that they know and trust" is the mantra for any business. It applies to buyers and sellers. It also applies to REALTORS®. ORRA functions allow you to expand on the agents who you know and who know you. I'd much rather work with someone I know and trust!
-Cynthia Egeli, Keller Williams Winter Park

One of the major benefits I get from attending ORRA events is most certainly the opportunity to network with area REALTORS® who I would not normally meet through my brokerage. I learn about listings that are about to come on the market, along with what niche markets they specialize in.
-Christina Lameirao, Keller Williams Classic Realty

I get a tremendous amount of value attending ORRA events! The educational workshops are free tools for agents to educate themselves on the industry and grow their businesses. As an affiliate, ORRA provides many opportunities for us to build relationships with our REALTOR® partners.
-Jody Seltzer, Sunbelt Title Agency

ORRA functions present more than just current events; you get a picture of what the future has to hold in regards to the constant expansion in our hometown. The whole world wants to come for a visit and we're giving them what they want to come see over and over again, so we must be doing it right. Once I-4 gets fixed up there won't be much to complain about.
-Dave Bolton, Realty Executives Central Florida

My favorite events are lunch-and-learns, and educational sessions.
-Colleen Lane, Keller Williams at the Parks

I love attending any and all events at ORRA, provided I am in the country. They offer me the opportunity to "stay in the know," and they keep me up to date on new developments. I keep contact with my closest friends during association functions, and also make new friends. Time to socialize together is importantant for REALTORS®, as we can get to know each other better and therefore be of more value to our clients.
-Theodora Uniken Venema, Downtown Brokers LLC

Being part of ORRA is a must! The networking and educational opportunities are extremely valuable. Being able to learn from fellow REALTORS® who have been in the business for many years is outstanding. This is a great organization with excellent people behind it who share the common goal of elevating the REALTOR® profession!
-Juliana Boselli Neves, Glasstone Group

Education is the key to success in the real estate business. There is no substitute for practical experience, but every event and class at ORRA provides something new you can use in your business on a daily basis. It is a great environment to meet fellow agents and brokers, and I fully believe we have one of the best associations in the country.
-Brian Rotenberger, Rotenberger Land and Real Estate

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