ORRA Celebrates its 2020 "20 Under 40" Rising Stars in Real Estate

Published Friday, July 17, 2020 10:45 am

The ORRA Young Professionals Network’s “20 Under 40” Rising Stars In Real Estate Awards recipients for 2020. These notable young REALTORS® were selected from among more than 60 entries by a panel of judges.

The Recipients Are:


Wilton Belidor
Fidelity Property Brokers

Wilton Belidor left a highly successful corporate career and stepped into the realm of real estate solely to serve the community in exceptional ways. He loves to spread smiles and aspires to play an integral role in transforming the client’s homeownership dreams into a reality. He follows a dynamic business approach and runs his business with a high emphasis on agent empowerment.

Wilton incorporates multiple technological innovations into his business and leverages maximum benefits from social media to simplify home buying and selling. He also loves volunteering and admires, shaping the community for better.


Amy Calandrino
Beyond Commercial

Amy Calandrino brings her years of business and law paralegal experience into the niche of real estate and focuses on delivering client-centric realty services. She highly appreciates diversity and devotes her time, empowering others how to rise above gender bias. Running an independent commercial real estate brokerage, her business strategy is all about delivering exclusive services to every unique client.

Amy loves incorporating technology to eradicate complexities from realty dealings and actively use tools like Calendly to augment efficiency. She serves as a president to numerous organizations, including Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Florida CCIM Chapter’s Central District, and many more.


Jolie Eichler
Coldwell Banker Winter Park

The passion for real estate runs deep in the family of Jolie Eichler, who started from a property management company and ultimately found her way into the realm of real estate. She loves her profession's creative and social side, and brutal honesty is the core of her business philosophy.

Jolie's business model is all about being accessible around the clock, and technology makes it possible for her to do so. Facebook is where the real magic happens as she leverages the power of social media to help build a better connection between home buyers & sellers. She also loves volunteering and is a long-term member of the Bach Festival Society and Bach Festival Choir.


James Evans
Century21 Alton Clark

James Evans always had an incredible passion for real estate and relished the sense of pride that comes with helping others find the best solutions to their realty concerns. Client Experience is his utmost priority, and he connects and collaborates with the clients every step of the way. He aspires to make home buying and selling process a white-glove experience for both the parties involved.

James is adept at leveraging technology's power and actively uses apps like Trello, Steller, and Showingtime.  His business heavily relies on digital advertising, and he capitalizes on the maximum potential of social media to connect with home buyers and sellers yearning for the services of a devoted and passionate REALTOR®.


Shanna Jadooram
Coldwell Banker Realty

Shanna Jadooram shares an incredible passion for architecture, sales, and home design, and this inspired her to pursue real estate as a profession. She takes immense pleasure in helping clients make the best property decisions and is a referral-based agent who loves building long-term relationships with clients.

Shanna highly values the ever-evolving realty needs of the clients and aspires to meet and exceed their expectations. She is adept at balancing her duties as a mother and responsibilities as a REALTOR® and is also a member of the Global Council at ORRA. Digital advertising and videography play a massive role in her business strategy as she believes collaboration is key to success in this industry.


Linda Jokbengboon
RE/MAX Town Centre

Linda Jokbengboon believes real estate is one of the most rewarding professions as the return comes in the form of happiness and contentment of others. She is in the business to help others make the best decisions when it comes to the largest investments of their lives. She aims to be a resource of knowledge and experience who helps the clients accomplish their realty goals.

Every facet of her business revolves around technology as it helps her to be more efficient and well-organized. From online MLS to digital advertising, she uses technology to connect and flourish. Linda loves spreading smiles, feeding the homeless, and volunteering with Feeding Children Everywhere Organization. 


Morgan Keene
Revolution Realty

Morgan Keene is native to Orlando and always had an incredible passion for real estate. She grew up in the home of an Interior Designer Mom and Commercial General Contractor Dad, who instilled in her every essential attribute of the industry. She operates a 100% technology-based business built to guide people in achieving their realty goals.

Morgan is known for being accessible around the clock & is always ready to serve the clients. She is a single mom to three daughters & is a member of Lake & Summer County Chamber of Commerce and volunteers for Renaissance Charter School.


Mathew Kelly
Innovative Realty

 Mathew Kelly is passionate about two things; one is real estate and the other is serving the community. He shares high gratitude that both his passions perfectly collide and enable him to play a key role in shaping lives for better. With years of experience directing a non-profit organization, Mathew’s business model is all about spreading smiles and transforming homeownership dreams into a reality.  

Mathew highly values the unique needs and requirements of the clients and takes pride in treating every client with the utmost devotion, passion, and integrity. He operates a family-centered realty business alongside his wife and has been volunteering for Habitat for Humanity since 2005


Javier Paredes
Properties in Town

Javier Paredes is an extrovert who loves connecting with amazing people and being a part of their life stories. His love for socializing inspired him to pursue a career as a REALTOR® where he could devote his time to meet new clients and help them eradicate complexities from the process of home buying and selling.

Technology plays a big role in the business strategy of Javier Paredes, who uses the power of connectivity to stay in touch with the client’s 24/7 and serve them diligently. He is an active socialist who collaborates with UNICEF to spread smiles among the homeless children of the community.    


Justin Poritzky
Berkshire Hathaway

Justin Poritzky is a third-generation REALTOR® who is known for his dedication and strong work ethic. He inherits the passion for real estate from his father and leverages innovative technology to deliver top-notch realty services.

Justin greatly relies on social media marketing & listing marketing to connect with new home buyers and sellers and aims to bridge the gap between the people of the community. He highly appreciates the notion of helping others rise above adversities.


Rocki Sanchez
JP & Associates Realtors, Coast to Coast

Rocki Sanchez takes pride in investing her heart and soul in every transaction and loves connecting with clients and walking the extra mile. She has always been passionate about serving the community in exceptional ways and seeks to find opportunities to change lives for better.

Rocki Sanchez strives to empower the clients with the knowledge needed to transform homeownership dreams into a reality. She loves integrating technology in her business approach and is an active community member who volunteers & supports organizations such as Teens Mom Choose Life.  


Chris Schiffermiller
United Real Estate Preferred

Chris Schiffermiller inherits the passion for real estate from his father and relishes helping others and building long-term relationships with clients. He is adept at personal video marketing and social media influencing and actively promotes small businesses in their quest for excellence.

Chris serves with a strong game plan focusing on the ever-evolving needs of the clients and delivers personalized realty services. He devotes his time to landscaping, staging, and highlighting the prominent features of the property to intrigue and attract fascinated home buyers.


Alejandra Silva
Metropolitan Real Estate Solutions

Alejandra Silva is a well-versed entrepreneur and highly successful real estate professional with 15+ years of experience in the industry. She aspires to nurture and cultivate the youth with the attributes needed to succeed as a REALTOR®. She is renowned for her incredible transparency, honesty, and work ethic, and is adept at deciphering the unique needs of clients. 

Alejandra aims to be a valuable resource to both national and international communities and relishes integrating technology to build robust connections with her extensive group of clients. She strives to give back to the community and appreciates the notion of continuous improvement.


Steven Ray Spencer
The Experient Home Group Brokered By eXp Realty

Steven Spencer leverages years of business experience and his strong family background in real estate to help home buyers and sellers resolve their realty concerns. He is proficient in multitasking and focuses on achieving end goals with the highest efficiency.

Steven’s business insight and expertise in real estate enable him to guide his clients in a better way by augmenting their consciousness of involved profits and risks. He greatly emphasizes on SEO & CRM strategies, and he capitalizes on technology to make the entire process more efficient and more straightforward.  Steven relishes serving the community and utilizes his experience to guide aspiring entrepreneurs.


Jackie Stressman
The Price Group at Keller Williams

Jackie Stressman is a former singer/actor who stepped into the realm of real estate to give back to the community. She is passionate about delivering five-star realty services and relishes eradicating complexities from the process of home buying and selling.

Jackie strives to build a perfect equilibrium between the professional career and personal life and loves spending time in the company of her family. She is a proficient negotiator who leverages technology to serve clients in extraordinary ways.  Jackie also enjoys volunteering and actively performs in charity events and fundraisers in the Central Florida Community. 


Amy Turner
The Turner Group at Keller Williams Winter Park

Serving the community comes naturally to Amy Turner, who shares an academic background in Social Work and Counseling. She is highly passionate about real estate and actively hosts community-building events. As a native to Central Florida, Amy aims to play a vital role in strengthening the community with amazing families.

With the love and support of her husband, Amy has formulated a successful realty business that delivers top-notch services to the clients. She leverages technology and the power of social media to build better liaison between her clients and connect interested home buyers with eager home sellers.


Ariel Vargas
The Listing Realty

Ariel Vargas inherits generosity and bigheartedness from his family, and he integrates these traits to serve the community with utmost devotion and honesty. He has built a realty business focused on delivering agent-driven and client-endorsed services. He loves helping others and uses technology to streamline every phase of home buying and selling.

Ariel is a family guy who aims to leave a substantial legacy for his family and maintain a perfect equilibrium between career and family life. He leverages his years of corporate experience to decipher the unique clients’ needs and serve them in the best ways.     


Kathryn West
Compass Florida LLC

Before pursuing her realty dreams, Kathryn West was a former aerialist & dancer who has fascinated the audience in 27+ countries. She comes from a long line of REALTORS® and takes pride in connecting people with their dreams of homeownership. Kathryn’s business approach focuses highly on networking, and she utilizes the perks of social networks to serve the community in exceptional ways.

Kathryn admires helping others and is keen on supporting survivors of human trafficking with Harbor Hope. She serves as a youth mentor and plays her role in cultivating the future of homeless and underprivileged youth.      


Cece Wong
The Highland Group at La Rosa Realty Premier

Cece Wong is enthused by the idea of building hope and inspiring others to change their lives for better. Her personal life experiences intrigued her into the realm of real estate, and she loves adding a personal touch in her realty services. Cece incorporates videography in everything she does as she believes it’s the best way to build robust relationships between buyers and sellers.  

Cece highly appreciates the attributes of generosity and is passionate about community service and charity works. She takes immense pride in her strong work ethic and loves contributing to the growth and development of a prosperous community.


Kimberly Ann Zeidner
Real Living Real Estate Solutions

Kimberly Ann Zeidner has always been fond of making friends and connecting with new people. She stepped into the real estate industry to manage her family’s property and soon fell in love with the idea of helping others build better lives for themselves. She is highly passionate about social networking and utilizes it to develop a strong liaison between home buyers and sellers.

Kimberly Ann Zeidner is an active member of Champions for Children and also volunteers for the NICU. She loves giving back to the community and devote her time to support the health care workers and promotes small businesses in achieving prosperity and success.

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