Help spread the REALTOR ®"Vote YES On Amendment 2" message

Published Monday, October 8, 2018

REALTORS® across the State of Florida are encouraging voters to choose "YES" on Amendment 2, which keeps in place the current 10 percent property tax assessment cap on non-homestead properties.

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Florida Realtors® would like the assistance of all members in spreading the "Vote YES on Amendment 2" message. The association has created resources such as talking points, FAQs, and of course graphics that can all be shared on your social media and communications platforms.

Visit the Everybody is For Amendment 2 website (no longer available)

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In 2008, voters in Florida approved a constitutional amendment that placed a 10 percent property tax assessment cap on non-homestead properties. This amendment included a sunset period of 10 years, bringing us to 2018.
Amendment 2 simply makes the 10 percent assessment cap permanent.

If the amendment fails, a non-homesteaded properties will be assessed at their full value beginning January 2019. There would two significant outcomes if the cap is removed due to a "NO" vote:

1. Removing the cap consigns commercial property owners, including many small businesses, to varying degrees of financial uncertainty due to the indeterminate increase in their property taxes from year-to-year.

2. Since the cap also applies to rental properties, including apartments, any increase in property taxes will undoubtedly be passed onto renters. The overwhelming number of Central Florida residents already struggling to afford their rent leaves no doubt that even a small increase in housing costs would be a devastating blow to residents and the economic health of our region and the state of Florida.