REALTOR® safety get personal with Carl Carter, Jr.

Published Thursday, September 20, 2018

A thorough client screening process — along with self-permission to trust your own instinct — are among the most important steps that REALTORS® can take to ensure their safety, says Carl Carter, Jr.

Carl is the son of Beverly Carter, an Arkansas REALTOR® who lost her life after being targeted for kidnapping by a couple posing as real estate clients. As you can imagine, Carl is passionate about REALTOR® safety and ORRA was honored to host him today for a special presentation.

While gracefully sharing Beverly’s story and illustrating how the everyday activities of REALTORS® can create opportunities for risk, Carl stressed the importance of:

  • Thoroughly screening ALL potential clients (a text image of a driver's license is not good enough) and keeping a paper file.
  • Considering how others perceive your social media.
  • Telling your colleagues, friends, and family members of your plans.
  • Following established safety procedures for showing properties, meeting clients, etc.
  • Not putting all your confidence in just a single safety process or tool, such as an app.
  • Trusting your gut! If something feels wrong or if the plan you’ve agreed to is altered, allow yourself to back out.

In addition, Carl stressed the importance of a "see something, say something" mindset and the importance of fighting back against an assailant (supported by law enforcement).

Finally, Carl recognized two MFRMLS technology staff members in the audience who have volunteered to revamp the Beverly Carter Foundation website. Kudos to our neighbors at MFRMLS!

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