Introducing RealSatisfied as ORRA's newest member benefit

Published Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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The collection of client feedback is often cited as a significant component of a successful real estate business. So ORRA is particularly pleased to announce its newest member benefit: a free RealSatisfied AgentLITE account.

RealSatisfied is a customer satisfaction platform designed exclusively for the real estate industry. The platform makes it simple for you to send customer satisfaction surveys to both buyer and seller clients at the close of each transaction and allows you to collect valuable client feedback and testimonials to help generate new business.

As an ORRA member, you have access to a complimentary RealSatisfied AgentLITE account, which allows you to send and receive an unlimited amount of customer satisfaction surveys and collect up to three client testimonials. You also receive a 20 percent discount if you choose to upgrade to a RealSatisfied AgentPRO account ($79 per year with discount), which allows for the collection of unlimited testimonials.

Your RealSatisfied account includes easy-to-use widgets to assist you in publishing approved client testimonials to Facebook, Twitter,, your websites/blogs, and just about anywhere online. You control 100 percent of what gets communicated on which platform.

Concerned about privacy? Rest assured that ORRA will not have access to the data specific to your account or to any individual survey results. You own your account.

Through its agreement with ORRA, you can expect an e-mail from RealSatisfied at the close of each of your transactions notifying you that a survey is ready to send. At that point, you can choose to create a RealSatisfied account (one-time only) or opt-out entirely.

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