What is the ORRA member portal?

By logging into the ORRA member portal, ORRA members can:

  • Pay bills
  • Register for classes and events
  • Shop the REALTOR® store
  • Search the member directory
  • Update membership information
  • View education and committee history
  • View past invoices

To log in, please use your ORRA member number and your ORRA password.  

What are the necessary steps I need to take to complete the ORRA membership application process? 

  1. Complete the application and pay the appropriate dues for your category of membership. Dues and Fees Schedule | MLS Fee Schedule
  2. Attend the required new member orientation/ethics class at ORRA within 60 days of application.
  3. Complete the required MLS Basic and MLS Compliance 101 courses by visiting the Stellar MLS site.

How much is it to join the association?

Several factors determine the actual cost of joining the association - your membership type, what date you join, what services are required, etc. Therefore, please review the dues and fees schedules below before proceeding with the membership application process:

When am I scheduled to attend orientation?

To complete the membership process, you are required to take the in-person orientation class in addition to the online (or in-person) Code of Ethics course within the first two available opportunities. 

An e-mail confirmation with the date for your new member orientation will be e-mailed to you once your application is processed.

Once you receive your NRDS ID, you may complete the NAR Code of Ethics for FREE online at If you do opt to complete the course online, you will be responsible for submitting your Code of Ethics course completion certificate to ORRA. If you need an in-person class for the Code of Ethics, please contact the Professional Development Department at 407.513.7268.

When will I get access to MLS?

Access to MLS will be granted within 24-48 business hours from the time your application has been processed by the membership department.

How do I obtain a Supra Key?

You may apply for an eKEY by filling out the eKEY application and emailing the form to [email protected]

With Supra eKEY, you can use your smartphone or tablet as your lockbox key. The eKEY application uses your phone’s wireless communications so you can do business anywhere. 

How do I purchase a lockbox?

To purchase a lockbox visit ORRA (1330 Lee Road, Orlando, FL) or contact the ORRA Membership Department at 407.253.3580 (option 2). If you will be placing a large order of lockboxes please call ahead for availability and to make arrangements.

How do I join as a new broker?

To join as a NEW BROKER, you cannot be a REALTOR® member or have been a REALTOR® member with any association in the United States or Puerto Rico within the past year. 

How do I join as a secondary member?

To join as a SECONDARY MEMBER, you must be a primary (full paying) member at another REALTOR® board or association and will be required to provide a letter of good standing with proof of payment from your primary board with this application. Learn more!

How do I join as an appraiser?

The National Association of REALTORS® equates appraiser licenses with that of a real estate broker or sales associate. Therefore, a certified appraiser (residential or general) or registered trainee appraiser, will join as a REALTOR® member. 

How do I transfer to ORRA from another association?

If you are currently a REALTOR® member of another association and wish to apply for either primary or secondary REALTOR® membership with ORRA, you will need to fill a REALTOR® application and to provide a "Letter of Good Standing”.

The letter should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your NRDS number and the NRDS number of the firm with which you were associated
  • Your real estate license number and the license number of the firm with which you were associated
  • Verification that your state and NAR dues were paid for the current calendar year
  • Verification and completion date of NAR's Code of Ethics. 

Learn more about transfers here