City of Winter Park
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City of Winter Park Sign Ordinance

Sec. 58-134. Temporary signs

(a) In addition to other signs permitted by this section, temporary signs may be permitted in accordance with the following requirements: Such temporary signs shall meet all requirements of this article except as otherwise provided in this subsection.

(b) Subdivision development signs shall be permitted to identify subdivisions where an active building and development program is underway. Such signs shall be permitted on a temporary permit basis only for a maximum of two years or until the subdivision is completed, whichever shall occur first. Such signs shall be limited to one per street frontage and shall not exceed 32 square feet in size or eight feet in height.

(c) On site development signs shall be permitted on property where there is an active building program underway to identify the project, the developer, architect, contractor, realtor and others involved in the design, construction and financing. Such signs shall be permitted on a temporary basis and shall not be erected more than five days prior to the start of construction. Signs shall be removed upon issuance of a certificate of occupancy or when there has been no construction activity on the property for 60 days or more. Such signs shall be limited to one per street frontage and shall not exceed eight square feet in size or six feet in height for single family and duplex building projects; 32 square feet in size and eight feet in height for multifamily building projects and no larger or higher than the size that is permitted for permanent ground signs for nonresidential building projects.

(d) One real estate sign offering real property for sale or lease shall be permitted on each frontage of properties where an owner is actively attempting to sell or lease such property, either personally or through an agent. Such sign shall not exceed four square feet in area in residential zones for one- or two-family dwellings and 12 square feet in area for multifamily dwellings or nonresidential buildings. All signs shall be located behind the sidewalk or ten feet behind the curb or edge of pavement, which ever is greater. Additionally, a maximum of two "open house" signs may be used to direct interested persons to the location of an open house, in addition to the "open house" sign placed at the site of the real property offered for sale. The two directional signs are limited in size to two square feet and may be placed in the public right-of-way subject to not blocking visibility for traffic and subject to allowing removal by the abutting property owner if that owner does not consent to the placement of the sign. Such "open house" signs shall be posted only during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and shall be removed immediately following the close of the open house event. Open house signage shall not be posted more than two days per week.

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