REALTOR® of the Year


REALTOR® of The Year
Honors a current Association member who has demonstrated a high degree of competence in a leadership role with the ORRA, who has served in various capacities and on various committees in the Association and who has displayed unusual effort, initiative and been involved in extra-curricular activities during the year on behalf of the Association. No standing President or President-Elect may receive the REALTOR® of the Year Award.

Past Recipients

2010 Beverly Evans
2009 Les Simmonds
2008 Bob Caldwell
2007 Beverly Pindling
2006 Greg Rokeh
2005 Kathleen Gallagher McIver
2004 Dean Asher
2003 Dick Fryer
2002 Matt McDonald
2001 Lydia Pisano
2000 Ron Acker
1999 Randy Martin
1998 Budge Huskey
1997 Corb Sarchet
1996 Jim Burr 
1995 Jerry Guinn
1994 Glenda Philpot
1993 Jerry Guinn
1992 Jim Powers
1991 D. Gary Williams
1990 Bobbie Boehmer
Hemendra Thakkar (Seminole)
1989 Don Asher
1988 J. Rodney Clark
Patty Holley (Seminole)
1987 Henry Van Brackle
Millie Cortes Prince (Seminole)
1986 Howard Gunter
Terry Duffy (Seminole)
1985 Bobbie Boehmer
Babara Miller (Seminole)
1984 James Kasper
Terry Duffy
1983 Robert Stauffer
Maureen Golmont (Seminole)
1982 Dick Dapore (Seminole)
1981 Robert Elrod
Bob Caldwell (Seminole)
1980 Mary Douglas
1979 Robert Elrod
Dick Dapore (Seminole)
1978 Bob Caldwell (Seminole)
1977 Williams Edmunds
1974 Robert Ward
1973 Errol Greene
1972 O. C. Halyard, Jr.
1971 Cleve Atkins
Wayne Cooper

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