Membership Types


ORRA offers the following membership types.

New Sales Associates and Broker Associates

Preferred for those who hold an active sales associate or broker associate's license and have never been a member of any REALTOR® association.

You may apply in person or fax your application to our Membership Department.

New Brokers (ORRA and Non-REALTOR Brokers)

Preferred for those:

  • Who are the new principal broker (Broker of Record) for a firm.
  • Who are new to the REALTOR® Associations.
  • Who have an established or newly formed real estate brokerage and are not currently a member of ORRA. Please note that your firm must first be registered with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) before you can apply for membership as the company's broker.

You may apply in person or fax your application to our Membership Department.

Secondary REALTOR® Members

Preferred for those who a member in another association, and choose to become a Secondary Member of ORRA and join the MLS.


The National Association of REALTORS® equates appraiser licenses with that of a real estate broker or sales associate; therefore, a certified appraiser (residential or general) or registered trainee appraiser, will join ORRA as a REALTOR® member.

The same rules apply, the same fees are charged and the same amenities received. Two amenities of REALTOR® membership are participation in MLS and the GE Security-Supra electronic key system.

Affiliate Members

If you are in an allied field, such as a title or a mortgage company, or any company that provides products or services to the industry, we would welcome you as an Affiliate Member.


ORRA has prepared Guidelines for Employing Personal Assistants or ORRA Office Assistants as a member service based upon information provided by FREC and ORRA Legal Counsel. The new Procedural Guidelines for MFRMLS Unlicensed Assistant/User Access are also available for review.


If you are a former REALTOR® member in ORRA, have been inactive for less than one year and were in good standing (i.e., dues paid) when you left, you may reinstate your membership by paying a reinstatement fee, prorated dues and any applicable fees.

If you have been inactive for more than one year, please contact ORRA's Membership Department at 407.513.7282 for instructions.


If you are changing offices or brokers, moving your brokerage, or if you are currently a REALTOR® member of another association and wish to apply for either Primary or Secondary REALTOR® membership in ORRA, you may join ORRA as a transfer.

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