Investment Committee

For more information about the Investment Committee, including committee membership and meeting dates, please contact the staff liaison listed below.


Responsible for investing in accordance with existing Board of Directors policy; reviewing performance; making recommendations to the Board on asset allocation and other policy matters; and selecting investment managers, agents, and custodial banks.

Committee Structure

Comprised of three independent members (non-Board members) as well as the association’s vice president of finance. The committee chair will be appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee chair will appoint the other members of the committee, with the consent of the president.

Volunteer leaders and members serve one-year terms. However, to ensure continuity while still providing future opportunities for others to serve, the committee chair may be reappointed to successive terms at the pleasure of the president.


Quarterly and on an as-needed basis as determined by leadership based on work to be accomplished. Special meetings may be called and may be held via teleconference as needs dictate.


Chair: Bruce Elliott, Regal Estate Professionals LLC
Vice Chair: Joe Adkins, The Realty Factor, Inc

Staff Liaison

Hector Sanchez, Vice President of Finance,

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