REALTOR® Complaints & Commendations
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REALTOR® Complaints & Commendations

ORRA's REALTOR® Complaints & Commendations program provides an informal means for brokers to share — anonymously, from one broker to another — their feedback on the professionalism of an agent.

Commendations would highlight exceptional professionalism by an agent during a transaction. Complaints might include concerns about minor, non-chargeable incidents or lapses in professionalism involving agents. No reply or action is required of the recipient broker.

ORRA's REALTOR® Complaints & Commendations form is to be submitted by a broker (agents who wish to transmit a concern should have their broker submit the form). The form must include the submitting broker's name and office information, all of which is removed before the advisory is forwarded to the recipient broker.

The REALTOR® Complaints & Commendations program is intended to foster the professional behavior and business practices among REALTORS®; formal complaints regarding potential REALTOR® Code of Ethics violations are made through the ORRA Professional Standards Department.

Please complete the form below to submit your complaint or commendation. Thank you.

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