Certified Appraiser

As a Certified Appraiser (Residential or General), you do not qualify for Affiliate membership – you will be joining ORRA as a REALTOR® member. The National Association of REALTORS® equates a Certified Appraiser license with that of a real estate Broker license; therefore, the same rules apply, the same fees are charged and the same amenities received. Two of the amenities of REALTOR® membership are participation in MLS and the GE Security-Supra electronic key system.

If you are the Certified Appraiser (General or Licensed) for a firm and you are using a fictitious name, it must be registered at (http://www.sunbiz.org/) or if this is a newly formed company/corporation, your corporation's name must be registered through the Florida Department of State - Division of Corporations (http://www.sunbiz.org/) and your license current and active with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) before you can apply for membership. ORRA also recommends that you review the Responsibilities for the "Designated Realtor®" before proceeding with the membership process since the Certified Appraiser will assume the role of "Designated REALTOR®”.

Under the NAR bylaws, the dues formula and the responsibilities of the Designated REALTOR®, the Broker or Certified Appraiser is required upon taking membership to register all licensees under their license. The Designated REALTOR® (Certified Appraiser) must make the decision to either ask his licensees to join the REALTOR® association or remain a non-member. If the licensees remain non-members, it will be the responsibility of the Designated REALTOR® to pay a non-member annual assessment ($461 for 2014) for each licensee under them who is not a member. If the Certified Appraiser is working in the same office as other certified appraisers, the one who takes membership becomes responsible for them as well as all of their trainees.

MFRMLS rules also equate the appraiser licenses with the real estate licenses. When the Certified Appraiser joins MFRMLS, he or she is the Principle Participant and all of his/her licensed trainees, as well as any other certified appraiser in his/her office, are automatically subscribed to MFRMLS as users. Everyone must pay MLS fees whether they are ORRA members or non-members. Appraisers cannot list or sell property in MLS unless they also hold a real estate license. The only other type of access to MLS that does not require REALTOR® membership is that of a Thompson Broker. This is the name given to a broker member of the MLS who is not a Designated REALTOR®. Appraisers do not qualify for this type of MLS membership because they are not licensed Brokers.

Please note that as the Certified Appraiser (Broker) when you take membership in the REALTOR® Association and the MLS, any and all of your licensees (Appraisers and Trainees) must be registered with ORRA as members or non-members and all must participate in MLS and pay all incurring fees. New Certified Appraisers are required to visit ORRA's Membership Department at 1330 Lee Rd., Orlando, FL. Walk-ins are welcome; however, we encourage you to make an appointment to save valuable time. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Please call 407.513.7282 to schedule an appointment and follow the application instructions below to expedite the process.

New Member Orientation

To complete the membership process, you are required to take the Orientation Code of Ethics course. You may elect to take the online version or attend a live class at ORRA. (If you opt to take the online version, you will be responsible for submitting your Code of Ethics Course Completion Certificate to ORRA.)

New Certified Appraiser REALTOR® Application Process

Please email the following forms to membership@orlandorealtors.org or fax to 407.293.6083.  You may also apply in person at 1330 Lee Road, Orlando, FL 32810.

1. Completed and signed REALTOR® Membership Application.

2. A copy of the Certified Appraiser's license.

3. A copy of the firm's name registration and/or corporate registration from http://www.sunbiz.org/.

4. Completed and signed Participation Fee & Activation Agreement for Mid-Florida Regional MLS.

5. Completed and signed Principal Broker or Certified Appraiser Request to Participate Form for Mid-Florida Regional MLS.

6. Payment for applicable dues and fees.

7. Attendance is required at New Member Orientation which includes NAR's Code of Ethics within the next two scheduled Orientation dates (two opportunities) or within 45 days of application submission (whichever comes first).

8. MFRMLS requires participants to attend the "Introduction to MLXchange” Basic class within 60 days of application receipt.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact ORRA's Membership Department at 407.513.7282 or e-mail us at membership@orlandorealtors.org . We look forward to opening our doors to you soon.

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