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The ORRA Ambassador Program

Help promote ORRA as an Ambassador

ORRA Ambassadors are diverse and energetic REALTOR® volunteers who represent the diverse membership of our association. Not only do they serve as liaisons to members of the association, they also represent ORRA and the REALTOR® profession within the community.

ORRA Ambassadors help with engaging association members, promoting the work of the association, and educating the community about the vital role that REALTORS® play within the community.

By participating in the program, ORRA Ambassadors help to increase the visibility of ORRA and REALTORS® within the community. Ambassadors regularly attend local community events and speak to various groups, including chambers of commerce, civic organizations, and other community groups.

If you’re looking to become more active in the local community, raise awareness of the value that REALTORS® bring to consumers and the community, and give back to profession, we encourage you to apply for the ORRA Ambassador Program.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Ambassador Program is to create and implement a consumer outreach program which identifies the value of a REALTOR® and enhances our members’ ability to generate more business opportunities.

Become an ORRA Ambassador

If you are an ORRA member (in good standing) who is interested in becoming a part of the Ambassador Program, we encourage you to apply!

Download the ORRA Ambassador Program Application

About the Application Process

  • Interested applicants should submit a completed application for review by the Ambassador Task Force.
  • The applicant will participate an audition with the Task Force to establish qualifications, interests, and ability to meet obligations.
  • The application will then be referred back to the Member Relations Committee for a vote.
  • If the application is accepted, applicant is invited to become an Ambassador and complete the ORRA Ambassador Training Program.  

Questions? Please contact 407.513.7281 or angelaf@orlandorealtors.org

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