From The CEO's Desk

It's All In The Process

By Cliff Long
Orlando REALTOR® magazine, Spring 2019

I’ve been with ORRA for more than a year and have had the honor to meet a great many of our members. If you’ve met me then you know it’s no secret that I’m a HUGE University of Alabama fan, particularly when it comes to football.

There’s much to love about Bama, and lessons that can be learned from this institution about academics, athletics, culture, etc., are not limited to students. I’d like you to consider a conversation that took place last year between UA football coach Nick Saban and basketball great Kobe Bryant.

The two spoke from their respective perspectives about the importance of enjoying the process that leads to success. I cannot think of an example where this sentiment holds true more than the real estate profession.

An agent’s success in real estate, especially in light of the recent growth of iBuyer programs, is not indicated solely by the result of a transaction. A successful agent is one who enjoys the process, and, in particular, who enjoys the art of cultivating relationships with potential clients. Digital leads and apps are great, but they are no substitute for the traditional practice of personal interactions that result in trust and a client’s certainty that they need you to help them.

Other important parts of the process include:

  • Finding a niche and making yourself its king;
  • Studying your market’s statistics and resources until you’re perfectly versed and articulate;
  • Developing good work habits and keeping at them;
  • Leading by example and by class; and
  • Learning, learning, learning about every possible topic related to real estate (MLS, law, customer service, marketing, negotiating, appraisals, financing, etc.).

Naturally, I have to take this opportunity to remind you that ORRA’s educational offerings can help you enormously with all of these process tasks!

As coach Saban explains, to his team and to the rest of us: It’s not enough to be a master of performance, you have to be a master of practice and a student of the game.

Those who love performing but hate practicing will never reach the level of success to which we should all be striving.

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