From The CEO's Desk

Help Us Help You Achieve Your Success

By Cliff Long
Orlando REALTOR® magazine, Spring 2020

I need to know what you want from your association. In 2020, ORRA is taking steps to increase its member-centered functions. There’s a desire that stretches across the entire ORRA continuum — from front line staff to the highest level of leadership – to provide additional targeted programs and thoughtful services to the membership.

As we started putting those wheels in motion, it became clear that ORRA’s direction and activities often guided by the vocal majority. So now it’s time to hear from the silent majority!

I’m inviting you to take this opportunity to be heard. Shoot an e-mail to and let us know:

  • What tools and resources do you need from ORRA in order to increase your sales and profitability, or to reach success as it means to you? (Be as general or as specific as you want.)
  • What service or benefit offered by any other REALTOR® association in the country do you want ORRA to offer? (The sky’s the limit; ORRA can hang with the best.)
  • If there is one thing at ORRA that you would like to see done differently, what is it and what change would you make? (Don’t be shy, we want to improve!)  
  • How can ORRAs wow you? (What would excite you, lead you to get involved, make proud to be a member?)

The bottom line for me is that I dream of leading an association where every member prospers. With your candid input, I can work toward making 2020 a better year for you and for all members.

ORRA CEO Cliff Long can be reached at