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Chairman's Message November/December 2010
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Recipe for success

by Mike McGraw

from the November/December 2010 issue of Orlando REALTOR® magazine


We are currently in the midst of a market. It’s not necessarily a good market or a bad market. It is how you react to this market that will determine your success within it.

ORRA’s most basic objective is to assist its members in their quest for success. This objective drives almost every ORRA program, from governmental affairs initiatives that seek to install REALTOR®-friendly politicians into office; to statistical reports that help convince a stubborn seller to reduce an unrealistic asking price; to a multi-media advertising campaign that urges buyers and sellers to take action (and, of course, to use a REALTOR ® when taking that action). ORRA membership events feature speakers offering advice on coping with the market, and there is even an ORRA task force devoted to addressing the issues caused solely by one of today’s primary market drivers: the short sale.

However, nothing is more bent on providing members with the tools they need to succeed than the ORRA Professional Development Department. This department — under the guidance of the ORRA Professional Development Forum, the ORRA Property Management Sub-Committee, the ORRA Market Diversity Sub-Committee, the ORRA Risk Management Sub-Committee, the ORRA Short Sales Task Force, and the ABC’s of Real Estate Subcommittee of the ORRA Affiliate Forum — held more than 200 education classes in 2010. Nearly all of these programs had the power to contribute, in one way or another, to a REALTOR’S® success.

The ORRA Professional Development Department in 2010:

*Launched ORRA’s first certification program (Risk Management Certification);

*Introduced the ORRA Training Academy, which focuses on sales management and agent profitability; and

*Hosted and executed 221 educational classes, courses, and programs (144 for free) that resulted in more than 38,000 hours of education for more than 8,000 participants, including:

  • 96 free MLS training classes;
  • 24 free Quadrennial 3rd Cycle Code of Ethics classes;
  • 9 free ABC’s of Real Estate programs;
  • 10 property management classes (6 free);
  • 7 FAR/Bar contract and listing contract workshops;
  • 10 short sales, foreclosure, and REO classes (including 2 CDPE courses);
  • Brass Tacks sessions (4 classes/sessions which include Core Law);
  • 2 Renewal Rescue sessions (2 classes/sessions which include Core Law);
  • 2 additional Core Law classes;
  • 2 diversity fairs;
  • 3 ORRA Training Academy courses (2 days each for agents and brokers);
  • 2 technology educational programs at the REALTOR ® Rally Expo, which also included 8 technology demonstrations by vendors;
  • 1 Annual Law Symposium in conjunction with CFREC;
  • 10 designation/certification courses;
  • 29 additional education classes (12 providing CE credit) on topics such as: social networking, credit score optimization; financial planning; finance; REALTOR® safety; identity theft; risk management; brokerage operations; green; investment; taxes; and more!

Of course, you can’t benefit from ORRA’s offerings if you don’t take advantage of them. Attend events. Join a committee. Sign up for classes (tons of them are free!). Download statistics. Vote. Thank you for your trust in guiding ORRA during this next year. I will ensure that ORRA continues its commitment to members’ success in 2011 by building even more on existing educational offerings.

Mike McGraw is ORRA's 2011 chairman of the board and can be reached at

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