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ORRA E-mail Policy
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The Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association does not make available for purchase a member e-mail list. ORRA does offer a paid e-mail distribution service for the purpose of disseminating advertising messages to the membership.

Advertising opportunities for the promotion of events, products, and services to ORRA members are also available in the association’s electronic and print communications vehicles and through the purchase of direct mail lists. Select advertising platforms do permit brokerage branding and agent recruitment messages. Read more

How to Forward ORRA's E-newsletters

To prevent your own e-mail address from being unsubscribed, forward ORRA e-newsletters by using the "Forward” option that is located at the bottom of each e-newsletter. If you forward to a long list of contacts, the best option is to forward from your inbox but to first delete the "Unsubscribe” button and the text below it prior to clicking "send.”

Contact for more information.

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