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Ask ORRA - Consumer Referrals

Friday, March 9, 2012  
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Question: How do ORRA staffers handle calls from consumers requesting a referral to a REALTOR®?

Answer: ORRA prohibits staffers from providing referrals to consumers who call the association hoping for recommendations for REALTORS® who can handle their transactions. Doing so would violate ORRA’s mission to promote all REALTORS® equally.

Staffers are instructed to direct consumer callers to the "Find A REALTOR®” function on the ORRA website and to provide tips on how to enter search criteria. Staffers also point out additional content for homebuyers and sellers that is available on the ORRA website.

Since ORRA frequently receives such requests, it is important that the contact info in your ORRA record is kept up to date.

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