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Orlando REALTORS'® Keys To Success

Friday, April 1, 2016  
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Orlando REALTOR® | MarchApril 2016

  What activity most contributes to your success in real estate?

ORRA members share the actions and philosophies that keep them in business.

 The one thing that contributes to my success is differentiating my value to clients by educating myself on up-to-date info concerning Florida real estate. I set Google alerts January 1st of this year to send me news articles, blogs, and video posts that discuss real estate across the state, and through this I have tapped into a broader wealth of knowledge!
--Shelly Gibson, Exit Realty Central

The most important aspect of my success to date has been exceptional customer service, and responsiveness in particular. I try to answer all calls that I can but if I am busy I make sure to return all calls, texts, and e-mails as soon as possible. I have found that everybody involved in a real estate transaction really appreciates an immediate response.
--Dallas Hus, Masters Realty Group Inc

Communication is the key to my success in residential real estate. Employing the best possible written and verbal communication skills with customers and vendors — whether in an e-mail, a phone call, or a text — makes a huge impact on the success of every transaction. Be professional, genuine, and direct. Communication makes all the difference!
--Colleen Murphy, Charles Rutenberg Realty

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of my broker! As REALTORS® our job is to make the real estate transaction as smooth and as hassle-free as possible for not just our buyers and sellers but for the agent-colleagues representing the other side as well. Using proven methods and strategies that only come with experience to avoid pitfalls accomplishes this.
--Valencia Martin
, RE/MAX Select

My farm area is properties on and around Lake Howell, a private 360-acre private fish and ski lake in Seminole County. To capitalize on that fact I market myself as Mr. Lake Howell. I have signage on my vehicle and have a pontoon boat that is wrapped with advertising. If a homeowner is having a party, I will come and take their guests out on the lake. It works!
--Jim Travis, Florida Realty Investments

The secret to my success is always providing the best customer service to my client, staying in contact with them after the closing, and following up consistently with their referred family and friends.
--Lawrence Bellido, Keller Williams Advantage III

At the end of the year when it comes time to send out greeting cards to my client data base, I make sure all my sales from that year have an extra paper included in the card. It reminds them to file for the homestead exemption and provides directions on how to do it. Customers love it as half of them forget until I remind them of this great savings.
--Susan Logan, Logan Land & Homes, Inc.

I believe the key to real estate is consistency. Whatever your niche may be, be consistent in what you do. Real estate really is not rocket science; it’s connecting people who want to buy with those who want to sell. I stay focused, be honest, follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, find the client exactly what they want, and get them the best deal possible when I find it.
--Kevin Thorner, Connect Inc

I believe anyone who knows me would say it's my customer service that keeps people coming back. My clients are my life blood, they keep me in business. Whether everything is going smoothly or we are having some bumps in the road I am always respectful to all parties. I do believe my colleagues who have worked with me in the past would say the same.
--Maggie DeGennaro, Keller Williams Heritage Realty

Early in my career one of my first managers told me he had the secret to success (and it works!) - Get up early, knock on more doors and stay late!

--Dana Ward, Real Estate Closing Solutions

Providing superior service goes should be everyone's goal, but after that the most important criteria for me is keeping in touch with my former customers. Finding creative ways to keep the lines of communication open, whether it is delivering homemade banana bread or a telephone call to say "How are you doing?" lets them know I care about them.
--Carolyn Canada, Commercial, Homes & Land, Inc.

I ensure success daily through education and community outreach. Buying or selling a home and investing in property can be a scary first step for people and has a tendency to overwhelm even the bravest. I write for the paper, speak locally, and educate to help alleviate fear and get people excited about the market instead.
--Gretchyn Boshart, Southern Capital Realty Group, Inc.

Consistency is the key. You have to generate a stream of leads. The only way to do that is to take consistent action. Most agents try to make a big splash, and when no one responds, they stop. If you keep making daily contacts, you will succeed.
--Gary Balanoff, RE/MAX Select

Going above and beyond in providing quality customer service is the key to a good reputation. The single most important activity for me is asking for referrals. I never miss an opportunity to ask for a referral from the clients I am working with. Nearly all my business comes from referrals and past customers.
--Linda Kaufman, RE/MAX Central Realty

 The number one way to build a successful business is treat your customers like family. Be informative, protective and gentle. Do everything you can to make it a pleasant experience. After the sale make sure you stay in contact. This is your number one source of future business. If they are not referring, you're doing something wrong. Look at yourself!
--Hank Lopez, Tuskawilla Realty, Inc.

The one thing I consistently focus on in my business is LISTENING! Listening allows me to focus on the needs of the client. Whether we meet in person or online. This is my one thing I focus on then executing on their requests to create an amazing client experience.
--Nicole Mickle, Olde Town Brokers

I have seen many changes in the way we do real estate over the past 36 years but there is one thing that remains steadfast in being successful in business as well as in our personal lives: "People don't care about how much you know until they know about how much you care." I attempt to treat each client just like I would treat a cherished family member.
--Donna Cox, The Real Estate Firm of Orlando

Calendar refrigerator magnets and handwritten Christmas cards to clients are always appreciated. They look for their tear-away calendars every year!
--Natalie Amento, Absolute Realty Group

Personal referrals are 75 percent of my business. That and staying in touch with prospects has made the biggest impact on my business. A lot of my business incubates - they're not ready for one reason or another, but because I stay in touch - through email newsletters, regular mail, and social media, I get the call when they are ready.
--Eve Metlis, Watson Realty Corp

It's quite simple. I carefully listen to what my customers are saying.
--Maria Rutledge, Coldwell Banker Tony Hubbard Realty

The single activity that contributes the most to my success in real estate is "doing what others won't." I mean that I put in 12-18 hours a day when needed to get the job done. I stay on the phone until a negotiation is made, no matter how difficult or how many times I'm told “no.” I work harder than others to help my clients because I am happy when they are.
--Daniel Wilson, RE/MAX Town Centre

Send handwritten notes. Lots of them. Don't write them to sell anything or remind the recipient that you're a REALTOR. Write them for genuine, caring reasons.. like "how are you" or "so nice to see you!" or "happy birthday" or "congratulations on the birth of your new baby." Staying in touch with people this way is a huge joy... and the referrals rule!
--Tara Moore, RE/MAX Select

Being active in organizations such as civic clubs, churches, scouting, community associations, and others (whatever), and letting people know you're in real estate will produce leads. one agent even joined a square dancing club and during breaks engaged in conversations. Great fun, great exercise, and great leads.
--Errol Greene, Errol Greene

The relationships that I have fostered throughout the years with other agents. They know I will answer their calls and will work together with them to get the transaction closed.
--Gina Francsis
, Charles Rutenberg Realty

My success is attributed to my disciplined morning prospecting sessions. It's the most important thing I do each day! And once I complete it early, it's okay if the rest of my day be consumed by the minutiae and chaos of running a business.
--Luly Sixto-Yero, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

The single activity that contributes the most to my success in real estate inspections is by remembering I work for the buyer and by being the best at what we do. I give the most thorough home inspection that a buyer can ask for and they pass that on to their friends, family, and anyone they know who's buying a home. To them we're rock stars!
--Jay Mathy, Advanced Look Property Inspections, LLC

I answer the phone. Customers want you to be there and if your not there, they will find someone who is.
--Anne Alsup, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

Success holds many parts. One of the most important parts is research! To be a successful agent, you need to know the Real Estate market. I am constantly looking at new homes being listed & sold, checking if they're priced right, talking to lenders etc. That knowledge helps my buyers and my sellers. I need to be able to answer any question they might have.
--Rita Taubeh, Charles Rutenberg Realty

What has contributed the most to my real estate success has been the relationships I have built with vendors. I found that building TRUE friendships with vendors, and being loyal to them, has been the #1 reason why my clients keep coming back to me. They see me as very helpful & important, in return I get referrals & high returning clients!
--Zoraya Colon, Elite Realty Agency, LLC

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